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A little bit about us…

In 1988, Donie Bredin began creating specialist cutting tools even though initiatially starting as a drill regrind service in Galway, Ireland. This company would be called Formtech Tooling and Design Ltd. and we would grow both locally and nationally as a highly respected precision tooling and tool designing business. Forteen years later, Tom and Anne Creaven would purchase to company to continue the legacy. Tom has over 30 years of experience in the engineering sector and would help drive the company further serving customers across not only Ireland, but in the UK, China and the United States. Over the years we have gained a great deal of expertise in CNC Turning and Milling, EDM CNC Wiring and Drilling, EDM Solid Sinking and wide array of other grinding specialties.

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Some of our key milestones

  • 1988: Formtech Tooling and Design Ltd. was established by Donie Bredin
  • 2002: Tom and Anne Creaven purchase Formtech Tooling and Design Ltd.
  • 2004: We received best cost saving award from Penn Winston-Salem in acknowledgement of their quality, cost-saving and on-time delivery
  • 2006: We were awarded Vendor of the Year by Pem Engineering
  • 2007: We recieved the Fire-Fighter Award in recognition of our response to emergencies and also in that year received best cost saving award from Penn Winston-Salem in acknowledgement of their quality, cost-saving and on-time delivery
  • 2008: Formtech Tooling & Design Ltd. achieve ISO 9001 Standard
  • 2015: Implemented a KAN-BAN services for key customers to ensure on demand supply of parts
  • 2020: Purchase of a Universal Grinder improving efficiency

Formtech strives in building long term client relationships. From concept to prototyping all the way through to full manufacture with our many years working in this sector. Our team of highly dedicated and skilled professionals deliver engineered tools and components of the highest quality through our commitment to absolute precision. In addition to cutting tools, we now have a very significant business in Cold Forming and Cold Heading Tooling as well as catering for the needs of companies in the Medical Devices industry.

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We are tooling and design experts that provide a wide range of services. We look forward to serving you, why not give us a call on +353 91 524422 or drop us an email on We would be delighted to hear from you!

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