Medical Devices

Delrin and Polyoxymethylene Components, Carbide Guides, Carbide Form Cutters, Form Drills, and Other Cutters for Medical Device Companies.

Aerospace & Automotive

Form Tools, From Drills and Broaches in HSS and Carbide, Pull Broach Regrinding, Various Pieces of Tooling & Fixtures. 

Fastening Industry

Turning Tools, Dovetail Tools, Carbide Inserts, Form Drills, Cold Heading and Cold Forming Tools. Shave Tools, Rough From Tools, Finish Form Tools, Broaches, Reamers, Drills in Carbide and HSS, Cup Drills and Pocket Tools. 

Industrial Manufacturing

Components from Delrin, Aluminium, Mild Steels, Carbon Steels, and Carbide. 

Our Customers