Formtech Tooling & Design strives in building long term client relationships. From concept to prototyping all the way through to full manufacture with our many years working in this sector. Our team of highly dedicated and skilled professionals deliver engineered tools and components of the highest quality through our commitment to absolute precision.In addition to cutting tools, we now have a very significant business in Cold Forming and Cold Heading Tooling as well as catering for the needs of companies in the Medical Devices industry.


  • CNC Turning
  • CNC Milling
  • EDM CNC Wiring
  • EDM Solid Sinking
  • EDM CNC Drilling
  • Optical Profile Grinding
  • 5 Axis CNC Grinding 
  • Centreless Grinding 
  • Universal Grinding
  • Surface Grinding
  • Honing
  • Induction Brazing
  • Vacumn Hardening (Sub-contractor)
  • Titanium Nitride Coating (Sub-contractor)

All services are complemented with CAD and Solid Works design packages.

We service in both high and low volume types of engineering applications from general engineered components to specialist Drills, Reamers, Slot Drills and End Mills in HSS and Carbide, also CNC regrinding service keeping your drills and cutters fit for accurate working. 

FormTech offers precision tools in HSS, Cobalt, Carbide, and Carbide Tipped materials for Turning, Milling, Drilling, Reaming, along with Carbide Punches & Die’s, precision form Tools & Form Cutters ,Together with you, we develop the best solutions that meet your specific requirements for your machining processes, Precision Prototyping, Jigs & Fixtures, Grinding, Specialist Tooling and Test Equipment


  • Jones & Shipman Surface Grinders 
  • Wickman OPG Grinders
  • Band Saw
  • CNC Milling Machines 
  • CNC Lathes 
  • Manual Lathes 
  • Guyson Bead Blasters 
  • Carbolite Heat-Treat Oven
  • Small Bore Measuring Gauge
  • CNC Agie Wire EDM
  • CNC Agie Solid Sink EDM 
  • Sunnen Honing Machine
  • Rofin CNC Laser Marking Machine
  • River EDM Drilling Machine
  • ANCA 5 Axis CNC Grinding Machine
  • Deltronic Comparators 
  • Rockwell Hardness Tester

We offer a wide range of tooling with Centre Drills – Pilot Drills – Spade Drills – Spotting Drills – Step Drills – Subland drills – Worm Pattern Drills – Quick Spiral Drills – Parabolic Drills -Flat bottom drills – Combination spot Drills – Cup Drills – Counter bore Drills – Spotface counterbores – Adapter counterbores – Slot Drills – Brad Point Tooling – Dagger Drills – End Mills – 8 Facet Point Drills – Form Tools – One Shot Drills -Shear Bore Cutters, Spline Cutters -Trepanning Tools – ‘T’ Slot Cutters.
Bridge Reamers – Chucking Reamers – Die Maker Reamers – Step Reamers – Taper Reamers
Countersinks – Chamfer Tools – De-Burr Tools – Piloted Tools – Radius Cutters – Rose Type Cutters – Single Flute Countersinks – Stem Countersinks – Radius Tools – Taperlock Cutters.